“I was hungry and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

Matthew 25:35

Programs & Initiatives

Garden Program

This program reaches those in need the most during the starvation, dry season. This season impacts the elderly and the orphans who cannot provide for themselves.

The organization partners with the local government to purchase seed and plants from area farmers.

Habitat Homes for Haiti

The living conditions in Haiti are among the worst in the world. Most homes consist of thatched sticks and leaves that are no bigger than the average American’s bathroom and are seasonally blown down due to the hurricane force winds that often reach the area. Each of these could house up to 12 people.

It will be part of our ministry to build new homes for families in the Ranquitte area of Haiti. The recipient family of one of these homes is chosen by the local Mayer, George Derval, and a committee that he has appointed. Each home consists of 2 rooms with 2 doors, 2 windows, and a front porch and has a total cost currently of $1,555.00 US. The structure consist of a concrete floor, block walls with stucco exterior, wood roof structure with tin, and a bio-sand water filter.

To start the process the money is wired to the mayor to buy the supplies. Haitian workers will mix sand and concrete with water and pour into block molds to pre-make the blocks at or near the build-site and clear the 20’ x 14’ area and dig and pour a concrete foundation before the arrival of the mission team.

Once the mission team arrives we will set 10 course of blocks with the help of two Haitian masons that guild us along. The rest of the house is finished by Haitians including the receiving family who will actively participate in the construction through the entire process.

Home Prayer Visits

Team members gather supplies and with translators go out to the countryside to visit homes. Before the team arrives, the translators have been given the areas that we need to visit. This is determined by Haitian leaders who know the greatest needs.

Upon arrival, we introduce ourselves and get to know about the family. We ask their prayer needs, struggles, circumstances and any prayer requests.

We then pray with them and provide rice and beans, matches, spaghetti, cooking oil, dried fish, soap and clothing.

Pastor Training

American pastors come to Ranquitte with a pre-planned program to teach Haitian pastors during the day. The materials are written in French or creole language. The Haitian pastors come from all areas.

The pastor's wives are also welcome to visit and help teach separate classes on different topics such as women of integrity, sex education, abuse, and Bible studies. These are lead by American pastors wives.

In the evenings, revivals are held in local churches and interpreters are used for the American pastors as they preach.

Water Well Program

There are 24 wells in the Ranquitte, Haiti community. These wells are the only decent water for the Haitians. If these wells are not working, the only water source is a creek where clothes are washed and animals drink.

These wells are maintained by a trusted Haitian and with so much use, the wells frequently break down. The Haitian people in this community do not have money to repair these wells.

H20 Concerts will be held state side to raise money to keep these wells working. Local singers participate and a local church donates their facilities to have the concert.